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Oops! Is That Non-fat Frozen Yogurt Derailing Your Diet?

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Non-fat frozen yogurt
Non-fat frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt shops are all the rage today—Pinkberry, Peachwave, Froyo—and they have an aura of offering a healthy snack, but are they really? Not the way most people approach it, filling their cups to the top on the soft serve and then loading up on candy toppings and chocolate sauces!

Here are some tips for keeping this summer treat from getting out of control—and below 300 calories:

  • Keep the yogurt to six ounces or less. Based on my “research” (meaning I took a trip to my local Peachwave and experimented!), that’s about half of the small cup they offer. Calorie counts vary among the different flavors and whether they’re nonfat or low-fat, but you can estimate that equals about 200 calories. (It’s tough to get an exact portion, but you can weigh it at the cash register before you continue.)
  • Top with fruit. Boring perhaps, but ultra-healthy and low-calorie—two tablespoons of blueberries, for instance, have just 32 calories.
  • If you MUST go for the candy or chocolate, keep it to a tablespoon. One tablespoon of chocolate chips has 70 calories.
  • Skip the sauces and whipped cream.
  • Eat slowly and savor the sweetness!

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