Creative Wellness Blog Posts in 2018

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity for Winter

  • Nancy Monson

Winter is coming (and I don’t just mean on Game of Thrones!). Check out this guest post by writer Harper Reid from Auckland, New Zealand for tips on how to stay cold-free. Winter – the season of watching the snow fall from your cozy position on the co… read more

Zentangle (and wine) with me!

  • Nancy Monson
A Zentangle tile by Nancy Monson, CZT
Zentangle x 4 by Nancy Monson, CZT

The Zentangle® Drawing Method is a structured drawing technique that is relaxing and fun—it’s so absorbing, it pushes away your anxieties and worries! It doesn’t require artistic experience, so it is accessible to all. The technique looks complicated… read more