Creative Wellness Blog Posts in 2019

International Women's Day: Women are Learning to Compete the Healthy Way

  • Nancy Monson
Photo by Siamak Mokhtari, Unsplash.

Today is International Women’s Day and I’ve been thinking about how women have had to step up and compete. I personally am uncomfortable with competition. When I’m playing tennis, for instance, I just want to have fun and get exercise; I like to win,… read more

Take the Reins: Managing Your Health After 60

  • Nancy Monson
Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Today, I’m welcoming a post by Jason Lewis of StrongWell. Jason is the primary caretaker for his mom and a personal trainer specializing in helping the senior population. He says “I spend a lot of time thinking about senior health. Naturally, as a pe… read more

A Good Death and the Nature of Grief Over a Pet

  • Nancy Monson
My mom, Barbara Peckel. Miss her every day.
Me and Zoey
Zoey with wings.

Today marks the first anniversary of my dog Zoey’s death—and, ironically, the sixth anniversary of my mother’s death. While I miss my mom (she was an unforgettable character), I am a wreck over my dog. Dying well is one of the Global Wellness Institu… read more

Weight Watchers Evolves Into WW—and Has a Fantastic App!

  • Nancy Monson
Products at the new WW Studio.
Blue Apron Freestyle meals.

As a health coach and a lifetime Weight Watchers
member (although perpetually 10 lbs. over my goal weight), I was interested to see how their rebranding as “WW: Wellness that Works” was playing out. The goal is to continue to help people lose weight,… read more

My book was selected as one of the top craft and healing titles!

  • Nancy Monson
Craft to Heal: Soothing Your Soul with Sewing, Painting, and other Pastimes

I was gratified to find recently that my book Craft to Heal was selected as one of the five craft therapy books to read on It appears on the Crafting to Heal with Kathryn Vercillo blog. It’s great to see the message of the therapeuti… read more