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Get your spa on!

  • Nancy Monson

Vacations are good for your health (although many of us forego them for work far too often) and spa vacations are even better: A recent study from Thomas Jefferson University concludes that a one-week stay at a spa can be a whole new health start for…read more

14 Years of Hot Flashes. Really?

  • Nancy Monson

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reports that women can have hot flashes for an average of 7.4 years—and some unlucky women can go as long as 14 years. Of course, most women, including me, could have told the researchers that before…read more

My infographic resume

  • Nancy Monson
My infographic resume

Looking for a content provider? Check out my infographic resume below or via this link: infographic resume.read more

Article on alternatives to colonoscopy in AARP The Magazine

  • Nancy Monson

Read my latest article on alternatives to colonoscopy (yes, there are some, though you’ll still need the invasive test if anything suspicious is found on the screening test).read more

Seeking the Northern Lights

  • Nancy Monson

When I tell people that I went to Iceland in January, I get one of two reactions: “For God’s sake, why?” or “How cool!” So why did I seek out one of the northern-most countries at the height of winter? The Aurora Borealis, that’s why. Iceland is one o…read more

Hearty Oatmeal Cranberry Almond Cookies

  • Nancy Monson

I love oatmeal cookies and have been experimenting with different additives and recipes…until my experiments yielded this delicious, semi-healthy cookie. Perfect for a winter’s day! (NOTE: If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, reduce sugar amounts a…read more